Tamarind Grilled Texas Quail…local Texas quail are very abundant and I wanted to marry the great flavor of the open mesquite grill with this awesome juicy bird.  Quail tend to find themselves on a fancy menu, as an expensive appetizer and something people don’t want to commit their main purchase towards in the restaurant.  They end up sitting around and eventually coming off the menu.  So we wanted to make them simple and accessible, by serving one quail, simply grilled with a glaze.  This wasy we can keep it cheap and it makes a great bar snack when you want the flavor of grilled meat.  Tamarind is a great sweet and sour pulp from the tamarind tree, which works out great with the savory, salty and smoky flavor of the grill.

Shishito Peppers…these really trendy peppers are a great healthy snack like you would eat edamame at a sushi bar.  It’s a mild green Spanish pepper that has a random hot one, kind of like finding a treasure, but not that fun.  We serve them served simply fried with nothing on them but lime infused salt, and a side of citrus to squeeze on them at the table.

This is a perfect bar snack that keep your lips ready for another margarita.

Lamb Asador Sliders…there is no doubt that sliders are still hot.  The idea of eating meat with bread and keeping it small so you can have other things is no new news in the food world.  I wanted this snack to be a small version of what you would get in Germany if you went for a sandwich.  You would get freshly roasted and carved meat served on a simple roll with a sauce and nothing else.  It’s all about the meat.  We grill domestic lamb that we marinate in rosemary, thyme and extra virgin olive oil over a wood fire until is pink and juicy.  We slice the meat to order and serve it on a great soft roll with a spicy sauce made from Serrano chilies and mint.

Crawfish Poblano Mac and Cheese…being so close to the gulf of Mexico and Louisiana, I can’t help but to want to do something with crawfish.  I know that our regulars love simple pasta, so we married the flavors of the crawfish with great artisan pasta and the peppery cream from fresh poblano’s.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts…As a chef, we are very spoiled with great flavors, but the taste of this dish never gets tiring.  When you crisp up a Brussels sprout, magic just happens!  We toss them with sweet agave nectar, smoky bacon, fresh lemon juice and some flat leaf parsley to create something truly special.

Creamed Corn…local summer corn is something that almost everyone loves to eat.  I get a kick out of eating the ethnic corn from the stands outside my favorite markets, so we wanted to recreate a better version of that experience.  We infuse the corn cobs in some cream and mix it with freshly steamed corn, local Mexican cheese, spicy chili sauce and some lime and scallions.

Watermelon Feta Salad…local Texas summer watermelon is about as good as it gets.  We like to put the refreshing sweetness with the saltiness of locally made feta cheese to create a great healthy balance.

Hudspeth Farms Grass Fed Burger…I love the flavor of grass fed beef, but most of the steaks remain too chewy for the average consumer.  This local rancher provides us with Steroid and Hormone-free beef that has been grass fed the whole way through.  Since burger meat is ground finely, we never have an issue with texture, but get all the great flavor that this natural raising process provides.  Grill the burger on a open wood fire and serve it with an awesome Texas made cheddar, tamarind onions, and a house made aioli, and you have a winner!  We serve it with some house-pickled vegetables to add crunch and freshness.  We don’t serve our burger with fries seeing there are so many people cutting back on their starches, we just make the burger cheaper and if you want something with it…you will order it.


Well marbled Heritage Pork…all over the south and west you will find a love for pork.  It happens to be my favorite meat.  I do however like to find local growers who raise the most flavorful varieties and run with it.  We do a great grilled pork chop and serve it with a salad of arugula and grilled Texas peaches.  Put a spoon of traditional red mole on the plate for spiciness and your in love.


Kansas City Steak…you might as well call this a Texas Steak, because any real cowboy wouldn’t remove the bone from his strip steak.  We take a highly graded black angus steak with the bone on and grill it to perfection.  I love the South American style of serving eggs for richness on this lean steak, so we sauté a local farm egg and serve it sunny side up on top.  It goes great in the summer with the blistered tomatoes, red onions, and greens.

Wild King Salmon…I love salmon but only serve it when I can get wild Pacific salmon directly off the boats.  Anyone who has spent time in that area will tell you how great salmon can be if you have it the right way…fresh!  You won’t find this fish on our menu year around or any other fish for that matter.  It’s all about the season for fresh fish, and if you see it there, then I want you to have the confidence to know…it’s the best.

Pecan Bar…Texas is filled with pecan trees and to not take advantage of that freshness would be a sin.  We make one of my favorite desserts with this wonderful local treasure, which includes a smooth caramel, soft tart base, touch of chocolate, and chopped Waco pecans.  This pecan bar is served with some whipped cream and a smile, because we know you will love it.










Sticky Toffee Cake…One of my favorite desserts is our date toffee cake.  The dates give it a rich and sweet flavor that can’t be replaced.  We also add some pecans and coffee sauce with a Roma ice to give it some temperature balance.  It’s a rich and moist cake with the perfect amount of sweet.




Pear Salad –  Probably among one of my favorite salads that we do.  We typically run this all year long, but its best when we can get local pears, however, still a great salad.  We make a really simple brittle with pepitas instead of tree nuts.  Great for adding that quality to a salad for those with nut allergies.  This is then combined with Point Reyes bleu cheese which is a really creamy bleu that packs just the right amount of punch with out being overly pungent.  The sweetness from the brittle and the bleu cheese make a really great marriage.  We toss the salad with a little vanilla infused balsamic vinaigrette and top with some freshly cut slices of pear.









41 Juicy Lucy –  This is a must try for any burger lover.  The best part of a burger is when you first get it fresh out of the kitchen and the cheese has just been melted over top of it.  Well with this version, you get that in every bite you take.  We use ground kobe beef and make two patties out of it.  Then we take Blue Jacket cheddar curd and put the cheese between the two patties.  The patties are then crimped close to form a pocket.  We cook that on the flattop and the cheese melts from the inside.  We then carmelize onions, and put it on brioche toast with white truffle aioli.  All the essentials of a perfect burger, but be careful on that first bite, the cheese may get you!


Braised Lamb Fettuccine –  I love making fresh pasta.  It has such a wonderful texture and flavor and really makes a difference when you make it yourself.  We can do a lot of different shapes and applications with all the same dough.  With this, we roll it out into sheets and then hand cut it into fettuccine.  It gets cooked when you order it so its truly fresh.  We take lamb shoulder from local farms and braise it.  We then make the sauce by blending all the mirepoix and braising liquid from the shoulder and straining it out.  We sweat a little fennel, add red wine, and the reserved jus and cook down with the pulled lamb shoulder.  We then fold in a little walnuts and Dallas Feta to finish.


Local Partners:


Texas Healthline Meats produced by Hudspeth Farms-Forestburg,TX

Homestead Gristmill-Waco,TX

Mozzarella Company by Paula Lambert-Dallas,TX

Empire Bakery-Dallas, TX

Burleson’s Honey-Waxahachie,TX

Forager Foods-Dallas,TX